generating new business

Many small Irish businesses have websites that are as useful as chocolate teapots because they make a number of critical mistakes in their online marketing.



And this is the case despite the fact that their websites

  1. Look “great” and
  2. Cost a considerable amount of money.


Utilizing a website as part of your business marketing strategy is a smart idea and internet marketing can offer you a fantastic return on your investment..if this internet marketing strategy is executed correctly.


The metric by which you need to judge your internet marketing is the number of new leads or clients you obtain from your online marketing efforts.


Internet marketing metrics


The only metrics you should be concerned about are new business, new customers, new leads and cold hard cash in your business bank account..not Facebook likes, not Twitter followers, not views on YouTube.


If you advertise in national or local newspapers or on radio or tv the return on this expense clearly must exceed your spend-the exact same principles should apply to your online marketing.


There appears to be a blind spot for some Irish business owners when it comes to applying the same criteria to your online investment which should be principally centred on your website with social media playing a supporting role.


Here are 3 big mistakes that I see regularly with Irish business websites and the consequent failure to generate new business:-

 1. Poor choice of domain name


Let’s take a concrete example..let’s say you are an insurance broker.


The first question to ask yourself is what will my typical lead/new client type into the search box when they are looking for an insurance quote or insurance information on Google.


Will it be “insurance brokers Dublin” or “Dublin insurance brokers” or something of that nature..or will it be “xyz and associates “ or “Obrien and partners”.


Clearly the searcher will opt for the former so why choose a domain name like “” or “” or “”?


Choosing a domain name which contains a search term for which you would like to be ranked well is critical for a number of reasons-

  • It gives the search engines, especially Google, a clear indication of what your site is about and what sort of search terms Google should rank it for
  • It will also tell the searcher, when presented with a page of search results from the search engines, what your site is about and that it might be a good choice for them if they are looking for an insurance quote.


On the other hand “” could be about anything from an anchor to a needle, from an accountant’s firm to an undertakers.


 2. Writing lots of content about yourself or your business


Clearly you need to tell people who you help and how you help them but always address this question for your visitor-“what’s in it for me?”.


The visitor to your site is looking for an insurance quote and/or some good information about what type of insurance is best for him/her.


Writing about an article you had published in the local newspaper or your nomination as business person of the year in the parish or county will have him/her hitting the back button on his browser faster than you can say “what’s in it for me?”


 3. Lots of leaks from your website


Getting visitors to your website allows you a golden opportunity to generate new business. Generating lots of targeted traffic should be the principal goal of your internet marketing campaigns and sometimes it is easy, sometimes not so easy depending on your industry and how competitive it is.


But when you do get them to your website don’t send them away to YouTube or someplace to watch a video that you found interesting or cute.


Let YouTube generate it’s own traffic. Your job as a small business owner trying to generate new business with your website it to

a)   Generate traffic

b)   Convert that traffic to new clients/customers.


The takeaway is that to generate new business from your website you will have to execute some basic, astute marketing principles..the kind of smart marketing you employ offline in the “real world”.


Don’t abandon these fundamentals when it comes to marketing your business on the internet.


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