Affiliate Marketing-Affiliate Marketing Programs Simplified

Affiliate marketing is a huge and lucrative industry.

Put simply it involves you as an affiliate referring visitors to your website to companies such as Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction and others. If the visitor purchases a product then you as affiliate receive a commission.


The commission you receive will range from 4% to 8% with the Amazon affiliate program to 75% and 100% (yes, not a typo) for some Clickbank products.

Take a look at, and to see what types of products are available from major companies in some instances to some downright crap products on

Physical or electronic products?

You can sell physical products such as books, music, garden sheds, tools and many other everyday items on Amazon and is a facilitator of electronic, downloadable products only and whilst the providers may well be experts in their field many of the providers are not experts and simply create products for sale on Clickbank.

How does the Clickbank marketplace work?

The best way to see what is available is to visit the site as the range of products range from ebooks explaining how to get your ex back to cures for hemorrhoids to internet marketing books about article marketing, backlinking and so forth.

The choice is genuinely endless but the quality is dubious in many cases.


To become an affiliate with any of these product providers you simply sign up as an affiliate, choose the products you wish to promote for your visitors to your site and your niche market and if you generate enough traffic you will get a conversion rate ranging from .5% to perhaps 2-5% for products on Amazon who are a well trusted online retailer.

When you sign up to promote a product you obtain an affiliate link on the site and embed this link in your website content. Amazon and others provide a wide range of links, banners, widgets and stores to allow you promote their products.

Email marketing

While the conversion rates appear to be small you will find that email marketing provides a great way to boost conversions.

What email marketing involves is getting people/visitors onto your list and you will then provide them with useful content/tips for that particular niche.

Mixed in with the good content messages which are designed to build trust in you will be affiliate links to the products you are promoting.


The starting point to become a successful affiliate marketer is the creation of a blog or website and learning the skills to ensure that your site is well optimized for the search engines and gets lots of free, organic traffic from people searching for solutions to problems they have or who wish to buy some books or tools or clothes etc.

If you wish to learn more about affiliate marketing Web Design Dublin provides a 1/2 day affiliate training course which looks at all aspects of affiliate marketing. Please contact us for more details.

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