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“How to Grow Your Business with Persuasive Writing and Online Marketing”

Small business owners are being robbed by ill-informed guff

“You’re wasting your time”.


When I first started out as a solicitor and needed to grow my practice, I was told: “people don’t hire solicitors online”.


I was told I had to do expensive pay per click advertising like Google Adwords and just drive costly traffic to a website.


I was told that I had to “do social media” and set up a Twitter account and Facebook page and a Google Plus page and that “social media is where it’s at”.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


And I must admit I feel nauseous when I hear people talking about “having a conversation on social media” and “brand engagement” on Twitter or Facebook in the same breath as growing your business.


Not only did I quickly discover that much of what passed for good marketing advice for small businesses was utter guff, I also had no money for advertising and no “old boys network”.


Quite frankly,  I didn’t have the time to wait patiently for referrals.


Anyway,  I really wasn’t sure that people with legal problems and looking for a solution were searching on Twitter or Facebook.


I had seen a small handful of people though who really did online marketing well.


And I had nothing to lose.


So I built a little website and wrote lots and lots of articles about different aspects of the law and put them on my site. Slowly but surely I began to see visitors to the site.


And then the numbers just kept growing.


Then visitors began to email questions and I answered them as best I could.


I knew then I was onto something.


So I continued publishing articles and good, useful articles on the site.


A few years later I have seen my solicitor’s practice revenue grow by 679%.  And in excess of 90% of this growth has come from online marketing.


Then I got to thinking that maybe I was just lucky…maybe it was just a fluke. So I tried it again with different sites and applied the same strategies.


And it was no fluke.


Being an analytical sort of guy I read and researched everything I could about online marketing. And I studied a small number of other marketing professionals who were teaching exactly the same thing that I was doing.


I read everything they had to write about online marketing, watched their videos, signed up for their newsletters. I studied and copied and tweaked what they were at.


And the results-growth in traffic, leads, and clients-confirmed that this stuff just works…if it is done properly.


It is almost certain that the same strategies that worked for me can work in your business. (And what I have found works is not what the vast majority of “experts” will tell you…nor does it require flashy or expensive web design).


Secrets of dead copywriters

Then I discovered copywriting and began to analyze how writing, and the use of words in a particular way, can persuade and influence.


Most of the genius copywriters are dead. Eugene Schwartz, Claude Hopkins, David Oglivy, John Caples, Leo Burnett, Rosser Reeves-these guys were the original “Mad Men”.


But their methods still work today because the human psyche hasn’t changed all that much in hundreds or thousands of years.


And people have pretty much the same fears and desires as they’ve  always had.


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