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Small business owners are being robbed

When I first started out as a solicitor I was told: “people don’t hire solicitors online”.


I was told I had to do pay per click and just drive costly traffic to a website.


I was told that I had to “do social media” and set up a Twitter account and Facebook page and that “social media is where it’s at”.


But I had no money for advertising, no “old boys network”,  and I didn’t have the time to wait patiently for referrals.


And I really wasn’t sure that people with legal problems and looking for a solution were searching on Twitter or Facebook.


I had seen a small handful of people though who really did online marketing well.


And I had nothing to lose.


So I built a little website and wrote lots and lots of articles about different aspects of the law and put them on my site. Slowly but surely I began to see visitors to the site.


And then the numbers just kept growing.


Then visitors began to email questions and I answered them as best I could.


I knew then I was onto something. So I continued publishing articles and good, useful articles on the site.


A few years later I have seen my solicitor’s practice revenue grow by 679%.  And in excess of 90% of this growth has come from online marketing.


Then I got to thinking that maybe I was just lucky…maybe it was just a fluke. So I tried it again with different sites and applied the same strategies.


And it was no fluke.


Being an analytical sort of guy I read and researched everything I could about online marketing. And I studied a small number of other marketing professionals who were teaching exactly the same thing that I was doing.


I read everything they had to write about online marketing, watched their videos, signed up for their newsletters. I studied and copied and tweaked what they were at.


And the results-growth in traffic, leads, and clients-confirmed that this stuff just works…if it is done properly.


It is almost certain that the same strategies that worked for me can work in your business. (And what I have found works is not what the vast majority of “experts” will tell you…nor does it require flashy or expensive web design).


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